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Types of Membership

ACF vs. Local Only

American Culinary Federation Members have full benefits in both the Whiskey City Chapter and the National Chapter. Here's a link to the different ACF membership types, and you can join there. If you decide to join there, do not join as a Local-Only member, as it would be redundant.  

A Local-Only membership is half the price of an ACF professional membership, but is not affiliated with the ACF. Local-Only members receive all the Whiskey City Chapter benefits, but not the ACF benefits. This document will explain the benefits of each level of membership, and you can join here.

Our Local Chapter

What to expect

Our monthly business meetings convene the second Monday of each month at 6:00pm. Meetings typically last around 2 hours, the first half being an educational session, and the second have business discussion. You can wear a chef's uniform or casual attire to meetings, there will be a mix of both. 

Beyond our monthly meetings, we have a plethora of fellowship opportunities, not limited to competitions, dinners, camp outs, fundraisers, and field trips. You can keep up with all the events over on this page!

If you would like to host a meeting, you can apply here, and if you'd like to host an educational demo, you can apply here.

Keep in mind that fundraising is what allows us to provide the maximum benefits to our members and community, so please consider participating if you're able. We try to make them fun and rewarding!



Joining the website

Once you make an account with the website and we verify you're a dues paid member to either the ACF or the Local-Only Membership, we'll grant you access to the members-only areas of the site. We have to do this manually, so it may take a day or two if we don't see the notification of the new member. We'll be doing our best to get everyone enrolled ASAP. And stay tuned for website updates, as we will be working to add new and beneficial content regularly. Thanks for joining!

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